Why Bank?

Cord blood stem cells are currently being used to treat nearly 80 life-threatening diseases. These diseases include certain cancers, bone marrow failure syndromes, immunodeficiencies, blood disorders, and metabolic disorders. With developments in the fledgling field of regenerative medicine, that number will continue to grow rapidly as there are numerous on-going clinical trials using cord blood to treat a variety of different conditions.

Cord blood banking is the safest way to store your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for exclusive and immediate use by your child or immediate family members in case a medical need arise in the future.

Finding a Genetic Match

In cord blood, finding a genetic match from a public stem cell bank for individuals of any race, especially those that come from certain mixed ethnicities, such as African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans can be quite challenging or next to impossible; therefore, having your own stem cells stored for future use has become increasingly important.

  • Match for Donor/Child 100%
  • Match for Parent 50%
  • Match for Sibling 25%

What are the benefits of Cord Blood Banking?

  • Cord blood collection is easy and poses no harm to the newborn or the mother.
  • Cord blood is collected in advance, prior to the development of any disease.
  • Continued research in cord blood stem cells is demonstrating potential treat to diseases that were once untreatable, such as brain injuries and juvenile diabetes.
  • Cord blood transplants are associated with a lower incidence of GVHD (Graft-versus-host disease). This is due to the fact that immune cells, T-cells, are not mature in cord blood. Hence, they are less likely to attack the recipient, if that recipient is different than the donor.
  • The stem cells from the umbilical cord blood can be used for the baby and potentially, for siblings and other family members.

Get the Peace of Mind you deserve, by storing your baby’s cord blood.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to save your baby’s cord blood.

GeneCell International is one of the leaders in the field of stem cell banking. We operate a laboratory that focuses on processing and cryopreserving of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood, adipose tissue, other tissues, and cells that can be cryogenically preserved. Our purpose is to provide families with the highest quality stem cell products and services and the best customer service, unparalleled scientific excellence and innovative leadership in the areas of stem cell collection, processing and cryopreservation.

GeneCell International, with more than 15 years of experience, uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified personnel for processing and storing stem cells.

GeneCell International’s mission is to educate the public about the benefits of cryopreserving Stem Cells and locate private or public banks worldwide so each and every day more people can have access to a transplant, in a timely manner, to meet their health needs. For more information visit:

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